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Welcome to the newly revised, expanded and almost perfect Deken Power Website!

Photo of Titan Press
The newest addition to our line of stamping presses is the Titan. It was designed to satisfy the aerospace industry's requirements for precision.

Titan features 163" per minute rapid advance followed by a power stroke at 60"/min. (15" total stroke). Switch selectable "hold" and "pulse" automatic controls are a key feature. It has a 40 hp regenerative hydraulic system and packs a 117 ton whallop at 3,000 psi.

Customers can select the force needed, size of bolster, ram advance speed, ram work speed, die mounting holes or "T" slots in bolster/ram plates and sequence of operations. More

We can buld a press for you also. Call us with your requirements.

Why change it you say? Well — the previous web site was very good but it did not go into enough detail regarding who we are and what we have to offer.

First. Our company is comprised of Fluid Power Distribution AND Special Purpose Equipment Manufacturing. We have made it easier for you to get to the area of your choice immediately upon entering our web site. Both sections are interesting and informative and we invite you to visit both.

Second. We have greatly expanded the Fluid Power Distribution portion of our web site to include a more detailed listing of the companies that we represent as Master Stocking Distributors. In addition, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the companies for which we are dealers. When you view both lists you will see why you do not have to shop elsewhere. You only have to call us and you will get the products you need, when you need them — at competitive prices! We have simplified the purchasing process for many companies. Why call anyone else?

Third. Our Special Machine Section now has machines we haven't previously displayed. We have also updated specifications and included more pictures and information on each product.

Companies have been purchasing our equipment for over 20 years and our only advertising has been word of mouth from satisfied customers. We wonder what will happen now that these machines are no longer a secret. Hopefully, many more orders and many more satisfied customers.

Fourth. We want to show you who we are personally and what it looks like at Deken Power. It is always good to match a face with a voice when you call us. Now you'll know who is "bustin' butt" for you when you tell us that you need it NOW.

And Finally. Something interesting is always happening at Deken Power. Each month we will update this page with what happened the previous month. We will have new fluid power products, interesting fluid power applications, highlights of one of our new special application machines, or maybe some personal news and pictures about one of our great staff.

Please visit our web site often. We welcome your suggestions to make this site even better.

We welcome your e-mail.

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