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Deken Power is an expert in special press design with over 300 custom designed and built presses. The sizes range from bench top 300 pound force mini bench presses to 300,000 pound force large floor mounted presses. The presses are pneumatic or hydraulic powered.

Our presses are designed for forming, coining, trimming, punching, piercing, embossing, clinching, bending, thermoforming, hydroforming and pressure laminating.

Customers can select the force needed, size of bolster, ram advance speed, ram work speed, die mounting holes or "T" slots in bolster/ram plates and sequence of operations.

• Capacity: 117 tons at 3000 PSI
• Distance between guide posts 30" x 24"
• 40 HP regenerative hydraulic system
• 163" per minute rapid advance and power stroke at 60"/min.
  15" total stroke
• Kidney Loop Cooling and Filtering. (Tank oil completely
  filtered and cooled 5X per hour).
• 2-hand non-tie-down OSHA controls
• Dual Emergency Stop Buttons
• "Hold" and "Pulse" automatic control circuits, switch selectable
• Manual operation for die setup
• Setup and Maintenance Manual
• Easily crushes up to 10 empty beer cans on the first try!

Photo of Titan Control Panel  Photo of Titan Hydraulic Assembly

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