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An ideal safety fence for guarding automatic and manual machines, robots, assembly lines, restricted areas and dangerous areas of your plant. Slide-A-Matic is lockble, so it can also act as a security gate.

Slide-A-Matic industrial guarding is unique because it moves freely without an overhead suspension or floor tracking system. This safety gate will give you solid protection, yet allow complete access to an area when retracted and swung to the side.

• Cover a 14-foot opening with a 4-panel gate.
• Cover up to 28-feet by double gating from the
   left and right, closing in the center.
• Two gates can come together at different
   angles to provide protection on 2-sides.
• Gate retracts to the size of a single panel
• Auto-level feature permits smooth operation,
   even on an uneven floor.
• Thin, compact, retracted profile. A 4-panel
   gate is only 3.75-inches thick when retracted.
• Gate has a rotation capability of 214 degrees,
   providing total access to an area.
• Available in 2, 3 and 4-panel models.
• Insert choice of welded wire (2-in standard),
   or other matierials.

• All steel construction.
• Single panel width is 51.5 inches.
• Standard gate height 77 inches (height can vary
   to suit application).

• Gap between bottom of gate & floor 4.25 in.
• Swivel casters: 3-inch non-marking heavy-duty
• Lockable, sliding steel latch can be operated from
   either side of the gate.
• 4-panel gate is 175.25 inches (14-ft. 6-in).
• 3-panel gate is 135.5 inches (11-ft 3.5 in.).
• 2-panel gate is 93.25 inches (7-ft. 9 in.).
• Posts are 2-in. sq. tube w/ 3/16" wall, capped.
• Post foot-plate is 6-in x 3/4 in. CRS with four
   9/16-in. drilled holes for mounting.

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