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NOTE: This graphical representation indicates the capabilities of our new line mover product and is NOT intended to dictate the path of houses through your plant. Each factory has unique problems and situations. This line mover system can solve most of these situations easily.
Drawing of line mover side view
Drawing of line mover top view
Mobile or modular home is built on a FLAT FLOOR, resulting in major reductions in warranty repairs due to misfit doors, cabinets, cracked walls, etc. This system automatically improves the quality of the house.
Factory floor is level. No trip/safety hazards such as chains, cables or tracks. Forklifts can also pass between houses.
The floor of the house is only 26" from the factory floor. Employee injuries from jumping off house to factory floor are reduced.

Line mover is ideal for modular, single, double or triple wide homes.

House moves independently of other houses.

House can move backward or forward.

House turns corners easily.

Easily serviced, maintenance friendly and WILL NOT SHUT DOWN YOUR LINE.

Dual pendant operator control (one at each end of the house).

Ideal for new plants or easily installed in existing plants.

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