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Image of Air Tractor AIR TRACTOR
Provide guidance and move a load up to 35,000 lbs.
Image of BodyGard
Roof worker fall protection & adjustable safety work platform.
Image of catwalk
10' of vertical lift allows a house to pass under easily and safely.

Photo of SafeCat SAFE CAT
similar to Hydra-Cat, but safer, simpler and lower in cost.
Photo of GangBuster Jr. GANGBUSTER JR.
Installs on sides of tops or sidewall tables. Stretches lumber.
Image of GangBuster Sr. GANGBUSTER SR.
Compact, stand alone high-speed gang nail press w/ 42 ton pressure.
Image of Hose Horse HOSE HORSE
Keeps hoses off factory floor. Compacts hoses into a short space.
Image of House Lift HOUSE LIFT
For large lift tables, loading docks, presses, theater stages, & catwalks.
Image of Lifting Beam LIFTING BEAM
Picks up an entire roof structure with no bends or buckles during transport.
Image of Line Mover LINE MOVER
Ideal for modular, single, double or triple wide homes. Improves quality.
Image of Motorized Cart Kit MOTORIZED CART KIT. Efficient, safe distribution of materials for the production line. Image of Cart Charger CART CHARGER
Automatic dock charge of material cart batteries . No plug-in req.
Image of Powroll POWROLL
High load rollers for heavy loads on smooth floors or on floor tracks.
Image of Rota Reel ROTA REEL
Dispenses and retracts any hose to needed work areas.
Image of Sidewall Clamp Kit SIDEWALL C LAMP KIT holds down sidewalls when using foam seal bonding to gypsum.
Image of Sidewall Lift Kit SIDEWALL LIFT KIT Lifts horizontal sidewall 6 inches from table to allow for easy hook-up. Image of Tilt Table TILT TABLE
Assembly table that allows for easy, safe removal of sidewall.
Image of Tops Table Kit TOPS TABLE KIT
Easy set up for flat or cathedral ceilings by a single operator at a single control.
Image of WoodChuck WOODCHUCK KIT
Both a stop and a throw-off to unload cut stock from a roller bed.
Image of Bench Presses BENCH PRESSES
Presses range in capacity from 1,000 lbs. to 74,000 lbs.
Image of Coil Rack

Coil widths to 96". Coil dia. to 72". Steel or Steel with Poly Cradles.

Image of Custom Products CUSTOM PROD.
Designed to improve efficiency, cut costs and improve safety.
Image of Die Rack DIE RACKS
Computer stressed to handle heavy loads within safe limits.
Image of Die Roller DIE ROLLERS
Almost frictionless movement of dies or heavy materials.
Image of Die Washer DIE AND PARTS WASHER “Closed loop” filtration system recycles the cleaning solution.
Image of Ergo Safe I ERGO SAFE I
Adjustable 2-hand safety control.
Image of Ergo Safe II ERGO SAFE II
Unique “Body Hug” design for improved employee comfort and safety.
Image of Extendamatic EXTENDAMATIC
Contracts, expands and even rotates to provide immediate protection.
Image of Foldamatic SLIDE-A-MATIC
Maximum safety with a small foot print. Folds away for easy machine access.
Image of Hercules HERCULES
Battery powered transport cart for heavy dies, coils, metals, newsprint.
Image of Laser Die Spotter LASER SPOTTER FOR DIES for quick, safe and accurate positioning.
Image of Material Feed Table MATERIAL FEED TABLE Operator adjusts for best material load height into press. Image of Safety Horses SAFETY HORSES
5,000-15,000 lbs. Certified for 3X cap. Many sizes.
Image of Scrap Diverter SCRAP DIVERTER
Automatically loads 2 scrap containers at one time.
Image of Sheet Stacker SHEET STACKER
Continue to operate press while waiting for forklift operator to unload.
Image of Titan TITAN
117 ton 4-post press for coining, trimming, punching, embossing, etc.
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