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WoodChuck is a "dual function" rugged device that acts as both a "stop" and a "throw-off" to automatically unload cut stock from a roller bed.

Normally used in combination with a gang nail machine an a cut-off saw.

WoodChuck is activated by the saw/gangnailer operator who simply activates a switch conveniently located at a master control panel mounted to the saw or gangnailer. The entire operation is controlled by ONE person at ONE location.

Eliminate walking with tape measures or working with "marks" on the roller bed.
Improve your production speed and cutting accuracy. You can add as many WoodChucks as you need.
Indestructible. Steel weldment, power actuated assemblies.
Easy Installation. Installs quickly and easily into a standard rollerbed. Operation is simple and safe requiring little or no operator training.
Highly visible. WoodChuck's heavy-duty wide blade is easily visible to the saw operator, but disappears into the rollerbed when not in use. Two are required to lift up the cut stock evenly and off-load the material.
Fast and safe. Virtually eliminates the need for an employee to off-load material to a holding rack, thereby reducing the potential for injury.
Rugged. Whack it as hard as you like. You can't hurt it! This amazing and inexpensive device will speed up productivity, reduce necessary manpower, save time and provide continually accurate cuts. Set them up for your most common lengths or add additional stops for all your lengths.

Kits include FIVE power activated assemblies, control panel, all necessary tubing and installation instructions and drawings. More power components are easily added if your production needs require them.

Image of WoodChuck with cutoff saw and gangnailer
Image of Wood Chuck retracted    Image of WoodChuck extened
Image of WoodChuck as a stopping device
Image of WoodChuck as a throw off device
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