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Applications include large lifting tables, loading docks, hydraulic presses, theater stages, orchestra pits and very long catwalks.

Photos illustrate the operation of the Deken Power "Positive Displacement" flow divider system as part of a house lifting operation for a major mobile home manufacturer. This system is adaptable to lift almost any weight or any product repeatedly and precisely.

This hydraulic system is used whenever synchronous, accurate movement and positioning of multiple hydraulic cylinders is required, regardless of uneven loading of each hydraulic cylinder. Cylinders can be mounted in any position.

(Manufactured housing application)
Heavy duty hydraulic cylinders, 8" bore x 72" stroke. Custom designed and built.
Hydraulic flow divider. 6 chamber positive displacement.
Dual hydraulic power unit for uninterruptable service. Switch selectable from electrical control console.
Dual drop protection for maximum safety is standard on all systems.
Bypass filter package for hydraulic filter replacement even when unit is operational. Indicator gauges for proper replacement of hydraulic filters.
Width selector switch adjusts for 12', 14' and 16' wide loads. Width positioning of lift beam and lift cylinders is via 3 heavy duty hydraulic cylinders driving 3 custom designed and built self-centering mechanical linkages. A 3 chamber positive displacement flow divider will also share common parts with the 6 chamber unit that supplies the lift cylinders.
Electrical safety interlock provides safe, individual operation of the two cylinder systems.
Complete service manuals and trouble shooting guidelines and complete hydraulic and electric diagrams with parts list is provided.

Image of House Lift

Image of House Lift control panel

Image of House Lift hydraulic pump    Image of House Lift Hydraulic system

Image of House Lift under construction

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