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Deken Power Inc. is committed to not only provide the best equipment available, but also to provide the best service after the same for our equipment. We provide free unlimited telephone support, and, if necessary, we can provide overnight shipping of any component used on our equipment from our large inventory of spare parts. We understand how important our machines are to your operation and promise to keep you running. (Note: After producing the GangBuster Sr. for 10 years, we recently sold our first replacement part.) We are very proud of our machines!
Photo of Ganguster Gang Nail Press The ONLY GangNailer you will ever need!

Compact, stand alone high-speed production presses designed to safely maximize throughput in the manufacturing and assembly of floor joists.

The ONLY gangnailer that clamps both pieces to a fence for straightness. Both pieces are pushed together AND held together for an almost seamless joint.

Gangbuster Sr. determines the quality of the splice joint, NOT the operator.

Gangbuster can be combined with our “Woodchuck” and a cut-off saw for a complete “Gangnail and Cut to Length System”.

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Floor Joist Gangnail Press
Wood Sizes. 2x6, 2x8 and 2x10.
Gangnail maximum number for press-up at one time. 2 (1-top, 1-bottom).
Gangnail maximum size. 80 square inches each (8" x 10" long, max.).
Clamping Pressure. 42 tons (84,000 lbs.)
Cycle Time. Approx. 8 seconds for entire cycle.
Construction. Heavy-duty welded steel.
Shipping Weight. 3,400 lbs. (shipped in wood box).
Outside Dimensions. 48" wide x 46" deep.
Power Requirements. 1/4" minimum air line supplying 80 psi minimum. 240 or 460V 3-phase power. You specify voltage.

Installation/Setup. Machine is floor mounted with foot mounting plates that have hold down mounting holes as well as “Easy Level” adjustments built in. Connect Electrical power to panel and factory air supply to filter and machine is ready to run.
Automatic Clamping and Automatic Squeeze Feature. When operator pushes 2-hand OSHA control to start cycle, “ POWR WHEELS” force and clamp both pieces of wood against a roller fence on opposite side, providing perfect alignment of both pieces to each other. The wheels continue to clamp, then rotate to force both pieces of wood together (no gap HUD requirement) ready for the installation of gangnails. This operation is automatic, providing consistent reliable results and does not rely on operator judgement for a quality gang nail connection. This feature is a Deken Power Exclusive and is patent pending.
Safety. Complies with or exceeds federal OSHA and all state and local safety requirements.
Energy Efficient (Green Machine). Machine starts when operator pushes OSHA two hand control to start cycle and shuts itself off automatically when not in use. Operational “Duty Cycle” is dramatically reduced and substantial savings of electrical power are realized in a short period of time. This machine can actually pay for itself with the savings in electrical power costs, compared to constantly running machines. This feature is a Deken Power Exclusive.
Long Life. Machine is on only when operator starts machine to make a gangnail joint and shuts itself off when not in use. Components have long life because machine is not running unless it is making parts. This is an important Deken Power Advantage.
HUD Requirements. Exceeds HUD requirements as long as machine is used as intended and correct size gangnail is used.
Service Manual. A comprehensive Setup/Service/Parts list manual is provided with each machine.
Warranty. One year parts and workmanship.

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