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Keep unauthorized personnel away from potentially dangerous environments.

The Extendamatic safety fence quickly contracts, expands and even rotates to provide immediate protection. The almost unlimited positioning of the Extendamatic allows for easy access to any machine for maintenance and tooling changes. For a more comprehensive look at the product, go to:

Built in interlock, prevents machine operation when not properly guarded.
Construction. Heavy duty steel with hardened pivot bolts. Powder coated safety yellow for high visibility.
Universal Mounting Brackets adapt to almost any machine or workstation.
Specifications. Standard expansion lengths range from 24" to 144" (or longer by special order).
CalStrip is a company that converts large wide coils of steel into narrower widths for customers. A large coil is mounted on a mandred on one side of a slitting machine and fed through slitting wheels to the other side, where the narrower widths are recoiled on a mandrel. Care must be taken to keep personnel away from the original coil and the slit coils during the operation, as an operator could get pulled into the winding process and be killed. (By the way, they found us on the web. Thanks!) CLICK ON ANY PHOTO TO SEE IT LARGER.
Image of Extendamatic closed & locked
Dangerous area is completely fenced off during operation.
Image of Extendamatic in retracted position.
Extendamatic retracts completely to allow easy access to work area.
Image pointing out safety lock  Close-up of safety lock
Positive pin lock with interlock device does not allow machine operation unless Extendamatic is closed. Connecting and re-connecting is quick and easy.
Close-up of retracted Extendamatic Close-up of retracted Extendamatic Close-up of swing locking device  Closeup of swing lock in unlocked position
Extendamatic not only retracts — it also has the ability to swing away when not in use, allowing complete access to the work area. Rigid, heavy duty locking device flips up to allow Extendamatic to swing to the side. When closed, Extendamatic is held securely in position.
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