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Unique “Body Hug” design for improved employee comfort and safety.

The “Ergo Safe II” is fully adjustable and lockable by a supervisor to suit the most comfortable operation of the press while maintaining complete safety.

The operator is surrounded on each side and his back by arms that have two-hand OSHA control switches mounted in them. He is free to move about loading the stock into the press in front of him, but cannot activate the press cycle until he is backed into the arms, automatically activating a safety switch. The distance from the arms to the press can be locked so that the operator is always in a safe location when the press is operating.

The electrical start signal is disabled until the operator backs into the “press operate” position of the arms.

Ergo Safe II easily rotates out of position when necessary.

Image #1 of Ergo Safe II

Image #2 of Ergo Safe II operation

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