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This adjustable end platform provides fall protection for roof workers and doubles as an adjustable safety work platform.

The BodyGard positions at the end of a house providing a versatile workstation with a small 3' x 13-1/2' footprint. The top deck work platform is is 3' x 13-1/2 feet, expanding to 3' x 15-1/2' by simply pushing on the protective railing. Pulling back on the railing retracts the platform to its original size.

The top deck platform has protective railings on three sides. These railings also encompass the two foot extension when in use.

Capacity. 600 pounds working load capacity with a 3 to 1 safety factor.
Construction. Heavy duty welded steel construction, consisting of steel tubing and structural steel shapes. Platform is made of 4-way non-skid steel safety plate. Heavy-duty locking type casters allow for easy positioning at the house, while also holding stand safely in work position.
Operation. Operator operates a three position manual, pneumatic valve mounted on the moving work platform (or attached to the non-raising steel framework). The platform raises/lowers to the height desired and stops when the operator lets go of the handle (handle is spring centered). The movement of the platform is achieved with a heavy-duty cylinder operating a unique scissor type mechanical mechanism. The platform remains level during the entire lifting/lowering operation. Fall protection circuit. Normal maintenance consists of changing the air filter elements periodically, as needed.

Power Requirements. An air line connection to plant air is all that is required to power and control this unit. A filter/regulator with auto drain and gauge is included and mounted on the unit, which guarantees long life to the pneumatic system components.

Installation/Manuals/Warranty. The customer will be responsible for the connection to the plant air system. A comprehensive startup, maintenance and parts list is included in the Owner's Manual. Warranty is one-year complete, excluding labor.


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