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The Lifting Beam picks up an entire roof structure. The complete roof assembly remains straight during transport with no bends or buckles. Beam is operated from a single control by a single operator.

Automatically adjusts for single or double wide roofs AND hinged roofs. Newly redesigned pickup arm/fingers now can pick up even the heaviest top.

Overhead design efficiency reduces employee fatigue, simplifies and speeds up production, eliminates product damage and improves worker safety.
Heavy-duty welded construction for durability and longevity.
Maintenance Free. The beam components require no lubrication. All air components are self lubricating.
The top is clamped to our beam and is not just hanging there. This is the safest method to lift and transport a top.
Self Compensating Pickup Points. The beam reliably picks up cathedral AND flat roof trusses (or any combination of) in a straight plane, automatically.
Drop Away Pick Up Fingers. Fingers drop away on covered end trusses so that no holes have to be poked into the siding.
Rotating Pick Up Fingers compensate for variances in truss structure.
Roof Crown Caps hold the roof straight over an entire 80' length during lift, transport and setting, thanks to our unique clamping system.
Split Pendant Control for operator simplicity.
Computer Stressed Beam Design allows only a 1/2" beam/roof reflection over an 80' length under load.
Crossing interlocks is no problem with our phase protection option.
Mechanical Fail Safe Feature. The beam cannot drop the roof in the event of air loss.
No adjustments between house lengths or position of cathedral roof sections. Any length house from 4' to 80' in any sequence can be handled.
Safety during hook up. Employees do not have to climb on trusses to hook up to the lifting beam.

Top view of lifting beam

Photo of beam transporting roof

Photo of beam
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